How To Choose The Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin

Best Ping Pong Paddle For Spin

Spin is the not-so-secret sauce that top table tennis players use to get ahead of their opponents (and I’m not talking about the synonymous ping pong club owned by Susan Sarandon).

If you’re looking to up your ping pong skills and add more spin to your game, you’re going to need a ping pong paddle that’s built for spin.

In this post, we’ll go through exactly what affects the amount of spin you can put on the ball and how to choose the best paddle to apply just the kind of spin you need.

Let’s get to it.

Quick answer: Best Ping Pong Paddles for Spin

Table Tennis Bats For Spin Compared

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What is spin in table tennis?

ping ping spin shot

In table tennis, spin is a turning motion applied to the ball by the paddle that causes the ball to change direction after it bounces or makes contact with an opponent’s bat.

Spin is essential for competitive table tennis, as it allows the ball to be hit hard when at or below net height, and is difficult to defend against.

Types of spin in table tennis

Ma Long Fronthand Topspin Shot Table Tennis
Ma Long demonstrating a fronthand topspin shot
  • Topspin
  • Side spin
  • Backspin
  • Spin serves

The most commonly used spin shot is a topspin shot, which applies a forward spin as the top of the ball is brushed with the top of the paddle. You can apply topspin both forehand and backhand.

How does a table tennis paddle affect spin?

We covered how the different components of a ping pong paddle can affect your game in our post on how to choose the best paddle, but here’s what you need to know about spin specifically.

Blade construction

Paddle blades made from 100% wood give you greater spin and control over the ball. For example, the STIGA Evolution paddle is made with a 6-ply wood blade, which allows for greater spin than rackets made with carbon blades.

Wood = more spin

Carbon = less spin

Why are wooden blades better for spin? Wood has better elasticity than carbon (which can make a paddle more rigid). The more flexibility your bat has, the more spin you can put on the ball. Blades with more ply layers will also help increase spin.

More ply = more spin

There are no rules about how many ply your ping pong paddle needs to be, but most have between 5- and 7-ply.

Rubber thickness

Thicker table tennis rubber and sponge allows you to put more spin on the ball.

Thick rubber/sponge = more spin

Thin rubber/sponge = less spin

Offensive players that use spin need at least 2mm of sponge/rubber, while defensive or beginner players should aim for between 1 and 2mm to reduce spin and aid control.

Rubber tackiness

MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Cleaner – Table Tennis Accessories Rubber Cleaner - Paddles Spray Cleaning Care Kit - Keeps Your Racket in New Condition for Killer Spin and Speed (Cleaner Large)

The more tackiness or stickiness the rubber on your bat has, the more spin you can put on the ball.

Tacky rubber = more spin

Tackiness refers to how much the ball sticks to the paddle’s rubber surface. Usually, rubber tackiness will diminish over time so it’s a good idea to wash your paddle after each game and keep it in a case maintain its stickiness.

You can get specialist rubber cleaning products, like Butterfly’s Spin Refresh or MightySpin’s Paddle Care Kit, that can help keep your paddle stay tacky for longer.

Pimple construction

Paddles with the pimples (also known an pips) facing inwards allow you to give the ball more spin.

Pips in = more spin

Pips out = less spin

If you want to defend against spin, a paddle with long pimpled rubber facing out will help the most.

You can get 2-faced rubber paddles with different rubbers on each side (for example, one for applying spin, and one for defending against spin).

Butterfly 303fl Ping Pong Paddle With 2 Faced Rubber

For example, the Butterfly B303FL racket is designed for both applying and defending against spin: one side is covered with 2.1mm pips in rubber (black) and the other has 1.9mm pips out rubber (red)

Don’t forget that you can make or customize your own table tennis paddle with 2 different types of rubber, just make sure that your rubbers are different colors (usually red and black) to follow ITTF rules if you’re competing in a tournament.

A word of warning about “spin” performance ratings

Ping Pong Paddle Speed Rating
The performance ratings of the STIGA Evolution paddle

You may see that most ping pong bats for sale have ratings, with scores for “Spin”, “Speed” and “Control”.  While these may help you choose between different paddles from the same manufacturer, there’s no universal paddle rating system, so it’s impossible to know how, for example, a STIGA bat compares to one from Killerspin.

In our opinion, you should pay attention to the paddle’s construction, and not these arbitrary ratings when making a choice about which bat to invest in.

Top 3 Ping Pong Paddles for Spin

1. STIGA Evolution

Why is the STIGA Evolution paddle good for spin?

  • Thick rubber for spin – 2mm rubber and sponge construction
  • 6-ply wooden blade – more layers than most paddles, giving extra elasticity to help aid spin

Why is the STIGA Evolution paddle good in general?

  • Heavier than most wooden bats (6oz, 170g) due to 6-ply design – makes it easier to handle for beginner and intermediate players
  • Flared handle – for easy grip and focus on forehand play

The STIGA Evolution paddle is ideally suited to spin shots, thanks to its wooden blade and thick rubber. While not as tacky as the Butterfly 303, it’s got more layers than most wooden bats (6-ply), and comes in a little heavier, making it easier to handle.

We recommend the STIGA Evolution paddle for players looking to get started with learning spin techniques, as the extra weight will help you maintain control.

STIGA Table Tennis Racket Cover Made from Durable Vinyl to Protect 1-2 Rackets at Once and Increase Tack-Life of Rubber

The downside is, STIGA paddles don’t come with their own cases – you’ll need to buy one seperately. Storing the paddle in this STIGA table tennis racket cover will help keep the rubber tacky and last longer.

2. Butterfly 303FL

Why is the Butterfly 303 paddle good for spin?

  • Thick, tacky rubber for spin – the Yuki 2.1mm pips-in rubber is designed to make it easier for you to put spin on the ball
  • 100% wooden blade – the wooden blade gives more flexibility than a carbon blade, adding extra spin
  • Pips-out rubber for defense – the Magnitude 1.9mm pips out surface allows you to take the spin out of your opponents’ shots

Why is the Butterfly 303 paddle good in general?

  • Affordable price-point
  • Flared (shakehand) handle
  • Comes with a case
  • Beginner-friendly paddle
  • ITTF approved for use in tournaments

The Butterfly 303FL (the FL means it has a flared handle, suitable for a shakehand grip) is a great entry-level spin-friendly bat. What makes it unique is the 2-faced rubber construction: on one side you get tacky pips-in 2.1mm rubber for adding spin, and on the other you get 1.9mm pips-out rubber for defending against spin.

The downside of the Butterfly 303 is that, as a fairly cheap paddle, it’s not going to last you forever.

Overall, we recommend the Butterfly 303 for beginner and intermediate players who want to experiment with a 2-faced design and practice both offensive spin shots and defensive techniques.

3. Butterfly 603

Why is the Butterfly 603 paddle good for spin?

  • 2.1mm Wakaba rubber – very tacky rubber for extra spin
  • 100% wooden blade – more flexible than carbon for added spin

Why is the Butterfly 603 paddle good in general?

  • Comes with a full case – keeps your rubber protected for longer
  • ITTF-Approved for tournament play

Another Butterfly paddle makes it into our list, this time the more advanced Butterfly 603. What makes the 603 worth the extra cost on top of cheaper Butterfly bats is the use of Wakaba rubber. This is a very tacky rubber that accentuates the amount of spin you apply. In addition to spin, you’ll also find the Butterfly 603 to be very fast, thanks to its thick rubber layer and lightweight wooden construction.

Ping Pong Paddle Spin FAQs

Still got questions about how to choose the right ping pong paddle to add more spin to your game? Have a look if we’ve covered it below.

What table tennis rubber has the most spin?

The Andro Rasanter R48 rubber is one of the best rubbers for spin. It’s available in red or black at an RSP of €59.95 and comes from German table tennis company Andro.

What is anti-spin rubber?

Anti-spin rubber has a low-friction shiny topsheet and a hard sponge layer which helps players defend against spin shots and return spinning balls effectively.

The best way to use anti-spin rubber is to have it on one side of your paddle, and use an offensive rubber on the other side. For example, Butterfly Super Anti is available in black and red so that it is suitable for either side of your bat.

How can I make my existing paddle better for spin?

Add more spin to your existing paddle by swapping out the rubber topsheet on one or both sides. A high-spin rubber like the DHS Skyline TG3 NEO (as used by three-time World Cup champion Wang Hao) will help you make stronger power topspin shots.